Synchronous and Asynchronous discussion forums: Improving Collaborations and Interactions – May 29, 2017


How do students communicate in your course? Whether you lead large lectures or smaller seminars, it is beneficial for students to feel connected with their peers. Not only can it reduce feelings of isolation outside the classroom, but it also allows them to develop and help each other’s understanding of the material being taught. In addition, providing a focused, reliable space for student group communication and collaborative activities can alleviate some of the stress of contacting group members and working together.

In this workshop, you will learn about the relevant tools supported by Arts ISIT and discover how you can use them in your courses. This includes Mattermost, an online chatroom-style application that can be used for group communication and file sharing, and Piazza, an online question-and-answer discussion board where both instructors and students can write and collaboratively answer questions. Come out and try these tools firsthand, and discover which ones will best suit your needs for establishing communication in your courses!

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*Please note that this workshop is only available to faculty and staff. Workshops are subject to cancellation in cases of low enrollment.