Teaching with Blogs: Leveraging New Forms of Literacy in the Classroom – September 26, 2016


Research has shown the potential for blogs to transform the classroom and provide channels for feedback that can lead to deeper reflection and learning. There is significant pedagogical value in treating blogs as a form of academic writing, and in embracing them as a teaching resource. In this workshop, we show that getting the most out of blogs means accepting new and evolving notions of authorship and teaching as more dispersed, participatory, and interactive than traditionally understood. We will also share our own experiences of the strengths and challenges of blog use in the classroom and show how they can be used to foster and/or deepen peer-to-peer learning, transform and enrich student writing, and challenge longstanding traditions of didactic teaching without sacrificing academic rigour.

The workshop will include hands on demonstration and small group discussion, including a chance to get started setting up a blog site for a course on UBC blogs.

The presentation will be 1 hour followed by 30 minutes for a demonstration of the tool.
Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Key Speakers


Christina Hendricks
Professor of Teaching
Philosophy and Arts One


Robert Crawford
Political Science and Arts One

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*Workshops are subject to cancellation in cases of low enrollment.