(WEBINAR) Add a Third Dimension to Your Classroom with Virtual Objects – November 25, 2021


3D virtual objects offer new possibilities to reimagine and enhance student learning by providing students with opportunities to explore and investigate objects on their own time, have simulated access to rare objects and increase spatial understanding.

In this session, Suzie Lavallee, Professor of Teaching in the Faculty of Forestry and experts from UBC Studios, will share:

  • how to enhance your teaching through ready-made 3D virtual objects
  • how to incorporate multimedia in Canvas or your classroom
  • information about the process for creating 3D virtual resources and the resources and people who can help, if you are having trouble finding something that fits your teaching purpose.

Join this session to learn more about how 3D virtual objects can engage your students and guide them to deeper understanding of course materials.

UBC Studios collaborate with UBC experts to translate ideas into quality media for education, research and brand communications. For more information, please refer to https://ubcstudios.ubc.ca/.

Guest Speaker

Suzie Lavallee

Professor of Teaching
Academic Director, Vantage College
Faculty of Forestry


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*Please note that this webinar is only available to faculty and staff.