Exam Continuity During COVID-19: Q&A and Faculty Presentations – April 8, 2020

Exam Continuity During COVID-19: Q&A and Faculty Presentations – April 8, 2020

The upcoming exam season for Winter Term 2 is taking place in unprecedented times. In support of physical distancing protocols, instructors now need to consider alternative options for their final assessments.

Since each department and course has unique needs — involving technical and non-technical solutions — Arts ISIT will be hosting a community forum to facilitate discussions between instructors who have plans for alternative assessments and those who are still exploring their options.

In this online session, Silvia Bartolic from the Department of Sociology and Emrul Hasan from the Vancouver School of Economics will discuss options for the upcoming examination period, followed by a group discussion. Arts ISIT and Arts Advising will be there to answer any technical questions.


CORRECTION: In the session, Arts Advising identifies that the Centre for Accessibility is providing support for students who need exam accommodation. However, contrary to the webinar answer, instructors are responsible for accommodating extra exam time. CFA will support in situations that are more complicated, and in some cases they will invigilate Proctorio exams to support students whose disability will impact their ability to engage. Please reach out to CFA if a student reports they cannot write; they may be able to find a different solution. Our apologies for not retaining the change in exam accommodations.


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Key Speakers

Silvia Bartolic
Senior Instructor
Department of Sociology


Emrul Hasan
Vancouver School of Economics