Canvas Workshops

Canvas Essentials

This introductory workshop to Canvas will prepare you to work with all the basics on Canvas. In this hour long intensive session, we will get an overview of course instruction in Canvas; become familiar with communications tools and the Course Home Page; create Discussions and Assignments and; manage grades with SpeedGrader and Gradebook. Join us to get a jumpstart in Canvas.

Assessments on Canvas: Assignments, Quizzes and Groups

Explore the many options Canvas offers to create quizzes and assignments that will fit your course needs. This in-depth, hour long session will guide you through: creating quizzes such as multiple choice or in-class essays, making traditional, group or peer reviewed assignments, as well as setting grading options, such as rubrics.

Grading on Canvas: SpeedGrader and Gradebook

Grade quickly and efficiently using the internal Canvas tools. SpeedGrader helps you grade assignments and quizzes quickly and its annotation options help you provide feedback effectively. Gradebook automatically manages grades and gives you a summary view of student progress in your course. This intensive hour long course will demonstrate how to best navigate these features. With Canvas tools, grading no longer has to be a chore.

Getting Started with Canvas

In the first 90 minutes of workshop, you will have the opportunity to explore Canvas, including general navigation of the interface, notifications and communication, and content creation and organization. We will also cover how to set up and deliver announcements, assignments, and discussions.

Canvas: Assignments, Quizzes and Gradebook

Delve deeper into Canvas by exploring the assessment tools such as Assignments, Quizzes, and Gradebook. In this workshop, in addition to learning the assessment tools, using SpeedGrader, and navigating the Gradebook, you will also have the opportunity to explore nifty options available for instructors to use.


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