CLAS is a web-based system that integrates video playback, time based annotation and commenting, recording and media management all combined into one application. Students are able to manage their personal annotations and notes to promote self-directed study, while at the same time engaging in social commenting and discussion with their classmates to encourage peer learning.This workshop will begin with an overview of CLAS and how the application has been used around campus as a powerful teaching tool. It will then lead into the hands-on tutorial segment on setting up and managing a CLAS site.

By the end of the session, you will:

  • Gain a better sense of what CLAS is and what it is capable of
  • Get some ideas on how to incorporate CLAS into your course
  • Know the basics on how to set-up and manage a CLAS site
  • Know what resources are available to you

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  • Aug

    (WEBINAR) Exploring Peer Assessments: A Comparative View of Canvas Peer Review, CLAS, ComPAIR and iPeer – August 14, 2020

    Time: 1:00pm – 2:30pm
    Exploring Peer Assessments is the ideal session for instructors looking to better understand how peer reviews can work in their classrooms and the learning tools that can help implement these activities. This online webinar will present a comparative view of some of the Faculty of Arts’ best used peer assessment tools: Canvas Peer Review, iPeer, the Collaborative Learning Annotation System (CLAS) and ComPAIR. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to set up activities with these tools and then try them out as students. This session is all you need to make confident decisions about the best peer assessment tools for your classes.

  • Aug

    (WEBINAR) CLAS: Collaborative Learning Annotation System – August 26, 2020

    Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
    CLAS encourages self-directed engagement with online content while facilitating peer learning and collaboration at the same time. Besides providing annotation and collaboration, CLAS is also a well-equipped media application with features designed specifically to support education - most notably, to provide flexible and customizable access control of both videos and annotations/comments.