iClicker Cloud Workshops

iClicker Cloud, formerly known as REEF Education or Polling, is an integrative polling system that improves the classroom response experience. Instructors are able to use multiple choice, numeric, and short answer questions while easily keep track of attendance and performance. Students can choose between using an i>Clicker remote or their personal device (cellphone, ipad, laptop, etc) and review previous questions as a study tool. This workshop will begin with an overview of iClicker. It will then lead into the hands-on tutorial segment of the instructor and student experiences of iClicker.

Key Highlights

  • Pose interactive questions through polling or in a quiz format
  • Easily use multiple choice, numeric and short answer questions
  • Students can use their personal device such as cellphones and laptops
  • Monitor student progress in real time

FREE for Faculty Arts for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters (Pilot from May- Dec 2017)!


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