Learning Catalytics Workshops

Learning Catalytics is a web based classroom response system owned by Pearson. It positions itself as a tool aimed at facilitating interactive teaching and peer instruction. Using a variety of question types such as multiple choice, numerical, algebraic, textual, or graphical responses instructors are able to assess student understanding in real time. The analytics feature allow for intelligent grouping of students based on response patterns for in class discussions as well as statistics on individual and class wide responses.

Key Highlights

  • allows for dynamic group creation to pair students with differing responses for peer discussion
  • allows students to use their own device/cell phone to answer questions
  • strong web based analytics to help instructors improve questions and identify points of misconception
  • allows for more open ended questions and inputs such as drawing graphs or uploading pictures. Some instructors use this as a way to submit in class group work done on worksheets (take a picture and submit).
  • The Learning Catalytics web site allows instructors to create question banks and share these with other instructors.

Contact Us

Please email us at arts.helpdesk@ubc.ca if you would like to learn more about Learning Catalytics.