Past Sessions

Add a Third Dimension to Your Classroom with Virtual Objects – November 25, 2021


3D virtual objects offer new possibilities to reimagine and enhance student learning by providing students with opportunities to explore and investigate objects on their own time, have simulated access to rare objects and increase spatial understanding.

In this session, Suzie Lavallee, Professor of Teaching in the Faculty of Forestry and experts from UBC Studios, will share:

  • how to enhance your teaching through ready-made 3D virtual objects
  • how to incorporate multimedia in Canvas or your classroom
  • information about the process for creating 3D virtual resources and the resources and people who can help, if you are having trouble finding something that fits your teaching purpose.

Join this session to learn more about how 3D virtual objects can engage your students and guide them to deeper understanding of course materials.

UBC Studios collaborate with UBC experts to translate ideas into quality media for education, research and brand communications. For more information, please refer to



Guest Speaker

Suzie Lavallee

Professor of Teaching
Academic Director, Vantage College
Faculty of Forestry

“A Teaching Manifesto on the Assembly”: Co-Facilitating Collaborative, Participatory Learning in SPAN 280: Revolution! – October 7, 2021


In this 60 minute interactive webinar, Dr. Brianne Orr-Álvarez (FHIS) will share the pedagogic approaches she uses in her SPAN 280 – Revolution! literature course, which draws students from diverse UBC Arts disciplines. In SPAN 280, Dr. Orr-Álvarez empowers students to build shared knowledge and community through weekly student-led discussions called “The Assembly.” The Assembly is part of a carefully-integrated sequence of teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks designed to value students’ voices, prior knowledge, and personal inquiries/curiosities as they explore the history of revolutionary movements in Latin America through the lens of the literary and historical texts produced as part of these movements. Dr. Orr-Álvarez will share key instructional patterns that make “The Assembly” a powerful and effective learning experience for students, will discuss the challenges of taking the Assembly online using Microsoft OneDrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, and offer suggestions for co-facilitating learning through discussion and collaboration with students.


Guest Speaker

Brianne Orr-Álvarez

Assistant Professor of Teaching
Director, FHIS Learning Centre
Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies

Designing for Accessibility: Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – August 23, 2021


This workshop introduces concepts of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and accessibility, and offers participants concrete stories of learners and how they may be impacted by particular course design choices and teaching practices. In addition to accessibility concepts and learners’ experiences, this session also offers key examples as to how faculty members can design their courses to be more accessible and inclusive, including features that accommodate the learning needs of the Deaf or hard-of-hearing community. We will engage participants in discussions about the what, how and why of accessibility, as well as their institutional and individual priorities and goals around these concepts. The focus of this workshop is on creating accessible online Arts courses using tools supported by Arts ISIT including Canvas, Kaltura and Zoom.

Afsaneh Sharif

Faculty Liaison | Senior Project Manager
Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology


Strang Burton

Associate Professor of Teaching
Language Diversity, Linguistic Pedagogy
Department of Linguistics

Encourage Student Engagement and Collaboration through Online Platforms- August 19, 2021


This webinar is for those who are curious about alternate ways to deliver course content and more meaningful options to use UBC Blogs or content management systems (CMS) in the classroom context. Instructors Jon Beasley-Murray (Associate Professor of Spanish) , Tamara Mitchell (Assistant Professor of Spanish) and Uma Kumar (Lecturer, German Language and German Studies) shared their valuable experience on using UBC Blogs and CMS to enhance student engagement and collaboration, and create shared learning experiences through these open platforms.


Participants in this session heard how open online platforms such as UBC Blogs and CMS platforms can be integrated into the online learning environment, as a means of involving students in the knowledge creation process, as well as ways to create interactive assessment activities.




Jon Beasley-Murray

Associate Professor of Spanish
Associate Head of Hispanic Studies
Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies

Tamara Mitchell

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies


Uma Kumar

Lecturer | German Language and German Studies 
Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies