Past Sessions

Peer Evaluation: What is it and how can I incorporate it in my course – August 18, 2016

Peer evaluation (peer review) is a type of assessment activity where students are asked to provide feedback and evaluate the work of other students in the course. These activities are useful in helping to provide more opportunities for students to receive feedback on their work, especially in large enrollment classes.

This session will begin with a general overview of the learning benefits of peer assessments in higher education that are found in the research. Peter Graf from the Department of Psychology will be sharing his experiences on how he incorporated peer assessments in his Introductory Psychology courses over the past years, the student concerns that arose and how they were overcome. The session will end with a brief overview of the peer assessment tools and support resources that are available for those who would like to explore this further!
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Key Speaker

Peter GrafDr. Peter Graf
Department of Psychology

Panel Discussion on Classroom Response Systems: A Solution to Student Engagement in Class – August 17, 2016

The use of Classroom Response Systems have been shown to promote student engagement in class and learning outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. They can be used in large classes to promote active learning by giving students the opportunity to check their knowledge, get real time feedback, and openly discuss with each other.

Hear from our panelists on how they used different classroom response systems such as Learning Catalytics, Piazza, iClickers, and TopHat in their class to enhance student engagement!

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Please note: certain sections of the presentation were cut due to the display of student data.

Key Speakers

fred_cutlerDr. Fred Cutler
Department of Political Science

catherine_rawnDr. Catherine Rawn
Senior Instructor
Department of Psychology

From Skill Building to Creative Research: Integrating Flexible Learning with edX – June 24, 2016

This presentation will provide an overview of how a Connect course was redesigned to incorporate certain features from EdX such as videos and self-check questions. Christine D’Onofrio is one of the first from the Arts faculty to experiment with the Connect-EdX Integration and she will be sharing her experience of how this went in her VISA110 Digital Media course. Topics will include the initial goals, the planning, consultation, and how the decision to use the Connect and EdX learning environments together was reached. There will also be a short hands-on experience which allows participants to navigate through the course site from a student perspective!

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Key Speaker

Christine D'onofrioChristine D’Onofrio
Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory