Past Sessions

CLAS for Language Learning – June 23, 2016

CLAS is among the best tools available to help your language students engage with authentic audio or audio-visual content. The program allows you to set time markers with instructions, to provide notes and explanations where students need them most, and to give individual feedback. The learners, on the other hand, can add private notes, submit responses to questions or assignments, and even upload video responses from their computer or mobile device. All the while, CLAS offers enormous potential for collaborative learning, as the instructor may organize the students in groups or allow them to see or comment on each other’s contributions.

Come join us for an interactive workshop led by Florian Gassner, Department of CENES, who will share result driven use cases and offer a hands-on tutorial. The floor will then be opened for discussion on other ways CLAS can be incorporated into your classroom.

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Key Speaker

Florian2Dr. Florian Gassner
Department of CENES