Past Sessions

Creative Engagement in Online Learning (July 23, 2020)

Although many instructors have the tools to engage students in a face-to-face context, reproducing those relationships in an online environment presents new and urgent challenges as we approach a virtual Fall semester.

Janice Stewart, Associate Dean of Equity and Strategy and Associate Professor in GRSJ, shares her tips and techniques for maintaining student engagement in an online context. This session will cover topics such as classroom management strategies like micro-lectures and ongoing roadmaps, successful approaches to assignments and readings, and being present in your online courses.





Janice Stewart

Associate Dean, Strategy and Equity
Faculty of Arts

Acting Director, Associate Professor & Chair of Undergraduate Programs
Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice



Engaging Students through UBC Blogs and Multimedia (July 21, 2020)

For those who have been curious about alternate ways to deliver course content and more meaningful options to use blogs and videos in the classroom context, join this webinar with Jon Beasley-Murray, Associate Professor of Spanish and Associate Head of Hispanic Studies in the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies.

Participants in this session can expect to hear how UBC Blogs can be integrated into the online learning environment as a means of involving students in the knowledge creation process, as well as ways to make use of video interaction in the classroom.





Jon Murray-Beasley

Associate Professor of Spanish
Associate Head of Hispanic Studies
Undergraduate Advisor for Majors and Minors in Hispanic Studies
Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies


The Chinese Language Program’s Response to COVID-19 (July 20, 2020)

When it became clear that our next semesters at UBC would be taught online, Sunnie Wang of the Chinese Language Program responded by developing a detailed Action Plan to establish the framework for their program’s transition to remote learning. In addition to technology training for instructors and revising pedagogy, the Chinese Language Action Plan set out to take advantage of a renewed online presence to create a more holistic online language learning community through wellbeing support networks and student care built into the curriculum.

In this webinar, Sunnie Wang will share the Chinese language program’s learnings and experiences in building an online language learning community, as well as specific examples of technologies that helped facilitate this process.




Hsiang-ning Sunnie Wang
Instructor & Program Coordinator of Chinese
Asian Studies



Blending Classes with Creative Student Work: Balancing Online Interaction & Live Lectures (July 20, 2020)

Courses focused on the production of creative student projects have traditionally relied on face-to-face environments to facilitate peer feedback and engagement. In an online context, however, asynchronous online interactions and live lectures can be combined to provide new opportunities for student participation and peer interaction.

In this webinar, John Vigna (Assistant Professor of Teaching, Creative Writing) shares his experiences with blending courses from before the pandemic, and how these learnings can apply to other courses driven by creative student projects in our new online context.




John Vigna
Assistant Professor of Teaching & Pedagogy Chair
Department of Creative Writing