Top Hat

Enhance learning environments and engage students through customized lecture experience. Tailor your classroom experience through a range of real time assessment activities to facilitate interactive teaching and peer engagement. Top Hat offers the convenience of web and mobile accessibility of using it on the web and on any laptop or mobile device. Top Hat also provide opportunities for instructors to track attendance, annotate slides, ask variety of questions, hold discussions, and capture students’ response in real-time.

FREE for Faculty Arts until the end of August 2021.

Key Highlights

  • Transition seamlessly between tasks. Take attendance, ask a question, create a discussion, manage and annotate your PowerPoint slides with no time lost in between. Instructors can use their IPad and annotate their slides while walking around the classroom.
  • Manage the class. Use Top Hat to manage tedious administrative tasks. For example, when students are required to do pre-readings, they can take an Individual Readiness Assurance Test (IRAT) using Top Hat. This helps instructors find out which students have done their readings and how prepared they are for a team based discussion.
  • Class Participation. Top Hat makes class participation easy and engaging for students. Students can participate in a live discussion to comment on other student’s responses.
  • Experiential learning. Instructors enhance slideshows by using interactive texts which allow for a variety of media such as videos and images to guide student self-learning. Top Hat’s interactive exercises allows for a hands on learning experience.


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