Pedagogical Series

There are so many learning technologies available out there, but which ones are right for you and how do you use them effectively to ensure student learning outcomes are achieved? What are your fellow instructors around campus using to transform their courses?

This series includes:

  • Instructor-led sessions:
    Faculty share their experiences with a learning technology and the approach they took to provide students with a richer and more effective way of learning. Hear about their challenges, successes and tips on best practices!
  • Special events:
    These include community forums, or introductions to helpful templates and techniques you can leverage in your course design.

Each session will include an overview of tools, resources and support involved.

Come listen in and you may walk out with a few bright ideas of your own!


Register for a workshop by clicking on a session listed below.

  • Jul

    (WEBINAR) Exploring Peer Assessments – July 27, 2021

    Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm
    Exploring Peer Assessments is the ideal session for instructors looking to better understand how peer reviews can work in their classrooms and the learning tools that can help implement these activities. This online webinar will present a comparative view of some of the Faculty of Arts’ best used peer assessment tools: Canvas Peer Review, iPeer, the Collaborative Learning Annotation System (CLAS) and ComPAIR.