Pedagogical Series

Through these specialized workshops, Arts ISIT aims to bring the best recommendations for diverse teaching approaches. Our pedagogical workshops are hosted by learning designers, educational technologists and instructors, who will provide a well-rounded approach to teaching practices and methods.

As these sessions will involve active dialogue with participants, be sure to bring your questions and ideas!


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  • Aug

    (WEBINAR) Getting Started with Jupyter for Teaching and Learning – August 24, 2022

    Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm
    Jupyter is a system of open-source tools designed to support interactive, reproducible, and engaging data analysis. Based on the literate computing paradigm, it combines code, narrative, visualization, and output into a single document.  Particularly oriented towards web-based tools, it offers many advantages for teaching and learning – at both an introductory and advanced level. In this 90 minute online faculty led workshop, participants will be introduced to Jupyter, and learn some of the skills, tools, and best practices for including it in your teaching practice. We will also discuss some of the benefits and challenges it can create, and how to get the best experience from this tool. We will also get some hands-on experience, and identify resources for further learning.